Sunday, September 30, 2007


So I filmed today. I think it went very well. I had all but one person here, and he's coming up on Tuesday to shoot his portion. I'm fairly confident that I got all of the video and still footage I should need to fill the time for my project, and if not, everyone is close by and willing to come back for a second round if necessary.

The process was a little intimidating, with 8 people to go through, and setting up a makeshift studio space in the townhouse lounge. I was lucky enough to have Gen here before everyone else, helping me play with lights and spacing and all of that so I had everything pretty much nailed down when the rest of the "cast" showed up.

Everyone was very helpful, and very funny about things, which helped us get through it at a reasonable pace. I got some footage that wasn't even intentional, and it may be some of the best stuff I have. Funny how that works out.

In any case, I'm hoping to capture it all tonight/tomorrow, see what I have and what I may still need, and then go from there. It will be good to get started on the actual production process soon!

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