Thursday, September 13, 2007


Pushing forward on my project. This week I'm focusing on really solidifying my idea and the concept driving it. I sketched out a basic storyboard over the past two days, just to give myself an idea of who would go where, how long everything would be, what I thought transitions would look like, etc. It is mostly stick figures, arrows, and words right now, but once I've truly finalized everything I will make a more formal one.

As I worked on that, things kind of fell into place for the rest of the project. I realized the group looked somewhat like a dysfunctional family, or like we wanted to start either a bad band, or try out for something like American Idol. Several of my friends had decided on poses that were music-related (we're all very musical people -- there's the common thread Phil was talking about in class on Tuesday) and it occurred to me that some sort of "musical quest" as the driving concept would work fantastically. A contest for money perhaps? I'm still bouncing the specific goal around, but I think that will be the general direction I go in. It definitely feels good to have that decided on. Over the next day or two I'm going to pound out the specifics, pick a title, and write my voice-over.

Edit: So as you might have guessed from the blog's title change, I've come up with a title, and a story. I think I'm going to have the driving concept be that the group of us, as poor college kids, have decided that the answer to all of our problems is to enter this American-Idol-esque contest that will win us bundles and bundles of money. Each person will be given a title (lead vocals, guitar, etc) in addition to being named during the sequence. The voice-over, though I'm still working on tweaks, will sound something like this:

"This is the story of a group of poor college students, and the national contest they thought would solve all of their problems. It's The School of Hard Rock."

I also did some research -- looked around the internet at motion graphics demo reels, other television show opens, etc. I'm not on my computer right now so I don't have the links I saved, but I'll edit those in or add them in a later entry.

I'm hoping that once that is done, storyboarding in more detail will really fall into place, and I can start getting to work! I'm excited about this project, more than I have been about many things I've worked on the past couple semesters, and I hope that translates into something awesome.

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