Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Initial Proposal

For my project, I plan to create a short motion graphic (approximately 15-20 seconds) with the appearance of a television opening theme, starring my friends and myself. I am basing the idea off of the open of the now-cancelled program Arrested Development, using their general format and certain elements of their style, while making several stylistic changes so that the project is personal, and not just an element-for-element recreation of the already existing piece.

The graphic will be broken into 13 separate stages, each smoothly transitioning into the next, as in the original. The graphic will open on a group photo (there will be 9 people in the piece). This will transition into a “collegiate” photo – I have yet to decide exactly what this image will entail, but as the project develops, and I form a title, and a working voice over, I think an image that fits will become very clear. This will then transition to the image of me. At this point, the most obvious use of the style of Arrested Development’s open will be used – I plan to involve their use of arrows, and the jumping frames of each person, rather than smooth video. This, stylistically, is what caught my eye about their open in the first place, and seeing as I wanted to develop my skills in After Effects during my senior year, I felt strongly about experimenting with this style on my own as a way of enhancing my portfolio.

From here, the project will then smoothly transition through each of the other 8 people. It will hang on each person just long enough to jump through 2-3 frames of motion, and to be able to read their names, then shift right off to the next person. The pacing will be a key part of the project. After the last person, it will transition to the logo for my fake television program’s title and some sort of end credit.

As previously mentioned, there will be 9 people, including myself, involved in the project. I have contacted each of them already, and they are each very willing, and excited, about the concept of the project. They are aware of what is required of them in order to be in the project, and are working on their parts with me already. I plan to have one weekend afternoon shooting day in which I capture (ideally) all the footage needed for the project, and will use more time from there as necessary.

Also important to this project will be the voice-over and music holding together the whole piece. One of the people who have agreed to be involved in the project has agreed to provide me with a voice over, once I have written it. I plan to write a clever one-liner, much like Arrested Development did, because I think it pulls the piece together nicely. As for music, I am hoping to learn Garage Band or the other audio over the course of the semester, and therefore write my own little piece to use as the backdrop for the project. If this does not work out due to time constraints, I will seek the help of other students, or visit other options via the internet.

Essentially, I hope to create a short, clever composition, one that has the appearance of my own television show open in the vein of Arrested Development, so that I may add a very strong piece to my portfolio to show skills in After Effects as I begin applying for jobs in the spring.

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